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Lady Asira Evans


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Daughters Of The Divine

Greetings Women of God!

God is an awesome God! He deserves all of our praise! Welcome to Daughters of the Divine. We want to encourage you today and in the days to come.  All women are able to join this ministry.  Please fill out the enrollment form to your left so that we can learn more about the  woman of God you are.  Monthly dues of $20 are due at the end of each month to assist with the work of this ministry.  Remember WHO you are and WHOSE you are! You are the daughter of the DIVINE SUPREME GOD! There is no other greater than HIM, and because we are joint heirs with HIM, WE HAVE THE VICTORY!!  

The Creed

I am Gods’ masterpiece, the apple of HIS eye. 

I am fearfully and wonderfully made. 

I will walk by faith and not by sight because my steps have

been ordered for HIS will and purpose all the days of my life.

I have been chosen, set apart to speak life to all those around me. 

I have been given the authority to change the atmosphere,

the atmosphere doesn't change me. 

God has not given me the spirit of fear. 

When the weapons of the enemy are formed through men, women, jobs, sickness, or any unclean thing,  I understand it will not prosper! 

As I live according to Gods word, I will have all the desires of my heart.

I will be victorious, prosperous, and healthy in my mind, my body and in spirit. 

This I believe...This I decree I am the Daughter of the Divine!

Author: Lady Asira R. Evans
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